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Course Length: 4 hours
Learn all about the newest cutting-edge product to add to your menu of services: Kybella® by Allergan.

Kybella® (“the chin shot”) is an injectable product made of deoxycholic acid that destroys submental adipose tissue and is the only FDA-approved product of its kind. Your patients will stay loyal to you if you are able to give them that Nefertiti neck they’ve always wanted. Dr. Rajani has worked closely with Kybella® research well before being available and was one of the first providers in the United States to have Kybella® in his clinic. Dr. Rajani will discuss Kybella® safety, treatment protocols, injection mapping, how to keep patients comfortable during and after their treatment, and how to package with skin-tightening modalities.

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The Kybella® Course is formatted especially for licensed medical professionals like Physicians, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants..

The RajaniMD Aesthetic Training Center will provide a selection of Dr. Rajani’s educational videos for you to review in preparation of the course.  A RajaniMD Aesthetic Training Center coordinator will organize the day with you to make sure all of your needs are met. The objectives below are just an overview of what we may suggest for your curriculum.

Course Objectives

  • Discuss the history, safety, means of action, and preparation of Kybella®
  • Analyze the indications and contraindications of Kybella®
  • Understand the importance of 2D photography and learn about 3D imaging
  • Analyze submental fullness and learn how to create an appropriate injection series plan
  • Learn how to avoid dangerous complications
  • Learn how to manage and treat complications
  • Learn how to map the injection sites properly
  • Learn to conduct an aesthetic patient consultation
  • Understand the various protocols for Kybella®
  • Learn how to incorporate other modalities and treatments with Kybella®

Hands-On Training

If hands on training is desired the trainee may bring a model. Appropriate model selection and guidance can be arranged with you and The RajaniMD Aesthetic Training Center coordinator. If you would like hands-on training, you MUST bring your own model to the workshop – Aesthetic Training Center will not provide one for you. Injection product for your model is not included in course fees but we can assist you in obtaining this.

*It is the responsibility of every licensed medical professional to know and follow their own State guidelines and regulations relating to their area of practice. The RajaniMD Aesthetic Training Center is not responsible and the licensed medical professional should direct such questions to their state board.

Refund Policy

It is the policy of The RajaniMD Aesthetic Training Center that no refunds will be issued once an initial purchase has been made. There are no refunds on services administered. Only the amount paid is redeemable towards another course provided that the cancellation of the initial course was done within a 7 day period of time.


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